Sobre Sur Grande

Traveler Reviews

We can’t thank Tony enough for providing such a wonderful vibe to El Apartamento. Yes, it is for sure a special place. Being New Yorkers, we couldn’t help ourselves to take advantage of his gracious offer to use the Aquarium passes. Getting back home to the Jacuzzi was a real treat too, but also what a view from the bedroom! Many thanks Tony, we needed a recharge and our holiday has been spectacular.

Coming from LA, this was an amazing change of scenery. Not only was El Apartamento incredible, the view was incredible….but our favorite part by far was the silence. The only thing I would wish for is more time… Can’t wait to come back.

Peaceful… Elegant… Aromatic… Creative… Eclectic… Anthony, your place is breathtaking. It can only be created by someone who is truly inspired by their landscape. Thank You for a peaceful experience.

B & K

What a blissful place for us to celebrate our 23rd anniversary. We so appreciated the slice of heaven, quiet and privacy. You have done a spectacular job in designing La Casita to maximize the views and enjoyment.

V & J

Thank you for creating this beautiful oasis. From the moment ewe entered La Casita, we felt our minds calm and our bodies relax. It was an amazing wy to escape our hectic Silicon Valley lifestyles and reconnect with each other, ourselves and nature.

D & T

We found your ‘house in the trees’ to be most inviting, peaceful and calming. This was exactly what we needed in a time of challenge and rush. To share these days in peace and solitude was exactly what and where we needed to be.

D & T

This place is nothing short of amazing. The views will be memories we cherish for years to come. Thanks so much for sharing something so special to you with us. Your recommendations ad insight into Big Sur made sure that our first visit was perfect. You are a wonderful host.

A & U