Sobre Sur Grande

Massage with Christina


Christina Miles will come to the you with her massage table and the best massage you’ve ever had (I think!) The treatments are wonderful on the deck, weather permitting. I highly recommend a long soak with mineral salts in the downstairs soaking tub, then one of the following treatments from her Rejuvenating, Restorative and Replenishing Spa Menu prices vary based on time of treatment:

  • Swedish Massage for Therapeutic Relaxation: $100-$150
  • Deep Tissue and Sports Massage for specific areas of discomfort: $125-$150
  • Essential European Facial to cleanse, tone, exfoliate: $150
  • Ultimate Indulgence: $200

Begin with gentle dry brushing to exfoliate and stimulate circulation; followed by aroma oils with full body massage; then during a European facial, your body is wrapped in a warm cocoon spa blanket for maximum absorption of hydrating oils.