Sobre Sur Grande

Indulgence Packages

For the two of you, begin with a special dinner, Champagne  and dessert, wake to breakfast prepared for you, then after a few hours a private yoga session for you whether you’ve never practiced or are very experienced. You’ll end with a 3 hour pampering/massage treatment for each of you (male or female).

Guilt-Free Combo:
Includes 1/2 day hike with a private guide, two 60 minute massages from Christina, and dinner from Jamie or Gail.

Stay Home and Spa:
If leaving the house seems just too tough, you’ll begin with a gentle private yoga session, then a 90 minute massage/pampering treatment, and a spa menu dinner:

For Pampering Only:
Christina has created the Total Treat: over three hours of  indulgence, beginning with a deep soak, a dry exfoliating scrub, massage and facial, followed by a hand analysis.

Let Me Eat Cake:
Begins with a special sweet treat from Jamie on your arrival, a wonderful dinner, a special dessert, then pastries and treats for breakfast.  There’s definitely chocolate in here!