Sobre Sur Grande


The drive to Sobre Sur Grande is along one of most beautiful roads in the world. Arriving  from the north,  travel south from Carmel for 11 miles; from the south, go one mile past Rocky Creek bridge. From either direction turn on Palo Colorado Road away from the ocean. Proceed 2.5 miles though a redwood canyon. The road rises out of the redwoods; at the crest of the hill  a fire station and group of mailboxes are on the right. Opposite is an unpaved road going up the hill;  This last 1/3 mile is unpaved. It has survived the storms of Big Sur winters and many residents have only two wheel drives. However,  if you are from an urban environment, our roads can be a challenge. Be extra careful during the winter months, and bring an all wheel drive.

Approaching up the paver-lined driveway, you’ll pass neighbors on the right and left, then continue with signs directing you to “Wolff”. I originally bought this property as part of a 10 acre parcel, with two friends. The location of both retreats assures complete privacy, but neighbors if you need them. The driveway circles a massive oak tree to our residence. If you are staying at El Apartamento, you will go down a driveway extension to to ground level with expansive views of the Pacific If you are staying at La Casita, you will park to the left by the fence, then walk down a path approximately 100 ft. where La Casita rests in the midst of an oak forest. As you walk inside, your eyes will be drawn to the Pacific some 2.5 miles away, and to the luxurious yet informal furnishings.